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by Quinny
Rated: ASR · Interactive · Adult · #2258484
16 year old Callie comes home after work on her birthday to an empty house.
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Chapter 2

Callie removes her panties to pleasure herself

    by: Quinny   More by this author
Growing restless, Callie slips her already soaked panties off letting them drop to the floor beside her as she continues to stroke herself no longer hindered by the rough material. This was she could easily play with her clit while slowly teasing herself by slipping a finger in and out. Callie’s eyes were shut as she imagined the hunk off the tv pleasuring her instead of herself. Her wetness continuing to grow as she grew closer to an orgasm. Finally thrusting multiple fingers into aching cavern desperate to come to completion. Callie’s orgasm finally hit leaving her feeling tingly all over as she moaned in pleasure before slipping her soaked panties back into place to hide the evidence of her discretion in case her parents finally came home. Unknowingly Callie has sealed several of her friends not only stuck to her panties but also trapped inside her pulsating heat that is her pussy. Callie lay back on the couch completely sated and enjoying what she thought were aftershocks of a wonderful orgasm.
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