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by Quinny
Rated: ASR · Interactive · Adult · #2258484
16 year old Callie comes home after work on her birthday to an empty house.
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Chapter 3

Callie’s friends escape her vagina

    by: Quinny   More by this author
While Callie was fast asleep, her friends fought for their own survival. Slowly pulling themselves from inside her heated core now that her muscles had relaxed, only to hit the tight barrier of her lace panties. Tried as they might to rip a hole big enough for them to slip through, their struggles only seemed to excite her and they were drenched in her nether juices again. Soon the juices had dried, fully encasing her friends to stick to her panties. After a few hours, Callie wakes up fully rested. Callie chuckles to herself after remembering a dream she had about tiny people being forced to pleasure her. Just the thought brought another gush from her nether region.
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1.   Callie goes to shower

2.   Callie gets changed

3.   Callie masterbates in her bed *

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