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  1. Callie gets hungry
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by Quinny
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16 year old Callie comes home after work on her birthday to an empty house.
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Chapter 2

Callie gets hungry

    by: Quinny   More by this author
All this pleasure was making Callie hungry and her parents hadn’t come home yet. Just a little snack she thought to herself as she got up to go into the kitchen. On her way she noticed what looked to be bugs congregated together on the floor. Making a mental note to run the vacuum later she went into the kitchen. At the fridge she pulled out some dip and then grabbed a bag of chips and a bowl. Setting everything down on the counter she tried to open the bag of chips just to have them fly all over the counter. Agitated with herself, Callie began swiping all the chips off the counter and into her empty bowl before swiping the rest of the crumbs to the floor to sweep up later. As she swiped she could of sworn she heard tiny screams but thought nothing of it since that would be impossible. Screaming chip crumbs she giggled to herself before starting to eat her chips and dip that was ever so creamy.

Callie could still feel the tingles in her nether region and did a few kegals which just excited her more. By this point it was already after 8 so she decided to try to call her parents to see where they were. She heard their cell ringing on the table sitting next to the cake. That’s odd she thought as she went over to inspect the phone. Surely they would of taken their phones when they left. Now that she was looking at the table she noticed something else odd. More of those tiny bugs on the table as well as stuck to the cake. What a waste she thought. The whole thing will have to be tossed out and this house needs pest control badly.
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