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by BeeJay
Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Sci-fi · #2259742
Sara's father is a mad scientist,... and she just became part of his latest experiment!
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Chapter 2

An Ordinary-Looking Object

    by: Scifiwizard   More by this author
Lying on one table was an exquisite bejeweled bracelet. It looked like something that had been dug out of a Pharaoh's tomb. It had diamond dust glitter all along its outer edges, with a green sapphire as the center piece with four red rubies circling it. There was a simple clasp that would lock the bracelet around one's arm, with a rich velvet cushion on the inside for comfort. I stared at it for a moment, wide eyed, lost and bedazzled by its elegance.

"It's beautiful... " Whispering, I said. "I wonder how Dad managed to get it?"

Before I was aware of what i was doing, I picked up the bracelet and tried it on. The second I heard the clasp click, the jewels began to glow and I felt a warmth from the bracelet, just before it began to vibrate. Startled, I tried to take the bracelet off, but found that I could not move; my body would not respond to my commands. The warmth spilled into my wrist and hand before flooding up my arm and into my body!

What- What is happening to me?! Frightened, I thought. What is this thing?!

The warmth, although frightening, was not hurting me, but filling me with a strange sensation I couldn't even begin to describe. I gasped as the warmth entered my head, giving me a stronger, strange sensation, before quickly subsiding. I was finally able to move, and fell down onto my knees, breathless and confused.

"That was... unique." Unnerved, I said.

I turned to the bracelet to find that the clasp had opened and I immediately took it off, but not in time to see Dad walking in. He blinked at me, then sighed, raising a hand to his forehead. I began to worry, as Dad always did this before passing some form of punishment upon me for doing something he didn't approve of.

"From your position on the floor and your shortness of breath, I deduce that you had tried on that bracelet." Softly, she said. "I am highly disappointed in you, and yet, very worried for you."

Dad's words filled me with dread. "What is this?" Shaking, I demanded.

Dad sighed. "It is a DNA manipulation device." Softly, he replied. "I built it to, in theory, unlock the extraordinary abilities all humans reportedly possess, but had lost over generations of disuse."

"What will it do to me?" Frightened, I asked.

Dad shrugged. "Maybe something and maybe nothing." Cryptically, he said. "I hadn't had the time to test it; so, I guess, you will now be doing that for me."

With that, he escorted me out of his laboratory and closed the door, leaving me to worry.
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