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More Size Changing GTS Fun!

More Size Changing GTS Fun!

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Patricia (aka Patty to her friends), mid 40s, approximately 5’5’’, curvy with C bust. Natural dirty blond but often has hair done in highlights or other accents. Practical woman, works in a bank but also enjoys leisure time with the family or own her own. Has unresolved issues with her husband dumping her 5 years earlier for his secretary.

Kaitlin (aka Kati), 19 years old. She was conceived out of wedlock and was the reason Patricia and Ted got married. She is approximately 5’8”. She has some curve to her hip but is more sporty and highly athletic. B bust. Hair is light brown, often long. She is taking a year off before going to college but is working part time at various jobs and does a lot of socializing.

Billy , 16 years old, almost 17. Medium build, approximately 5’7’’ (natural height). Light blond hair. Billy is a technology nerd who likes to build things. He is socially awkward and has few friends. Billy is also allergic to cats which puts him in opposition to the family pet, Buttons. Billy has never had the chance to be with a girl but he does have a platonic friendship with Emily Smith, a girl from his school who he would like to be more with.

Britany: 13 years old. Very awkward teen years. She’s about 5’3. Her body is in transition so size and cloths are changing and never fit right. She is In transition from her children stuff to more feminine identity. Has lots of friends who doe a variety of things from playing children’s games to going to the mall etc. Has dark brown hair.

Erica: 4 years old. Ted left Patricia while she was pregnant with Erica. Erica is a active child but is still babied by everyone.

Ted: Father to the previously mentioned children. Approximately 6’0’’ tall, medium build. Business man. Often away on trips. Is going through a mid life crisis while he approaches the age of 50. He often cheats on his girlfriend, Darla T’ahtah, with a variety of women he meets in his travels. Doesn’t see his children often but does show up from time to time.

Darla T'ahtah : Mid 20s. 5’6” tall, hourglass figure with DD bust (fake) and a phat ass. Appears ditzy but can have moments where she is very clever. She hates Patricia and the family since they are, in her mind, holding Ted back from marrying her. She knows Ted cheats on her but ignores it instead blaming his family and wishes them to just disappear.

Remote: the remote appears to be like a universal controller. At one end there are a + and – button. On the side is the activation button. There are other buttons at the base but their functions can be identified in story. Beam works best when aimed at the center mass of the target. Beam creates a small field around target shrinking everything within it but not at the same rate; organic matter shrinks/grows faster than inanimate objects, so cloths will shrink but will be baggy or furniture will shrink but take longer to get to the desired size. That is why if holding the remote and shooting one self the remote would shrink because its inside the field. If the remote is too far from the target then then remote will not change size with the target. It is possible to shrink/grow items partially but this requires very carful aiming and the rest of the object staying outside the field. Field is almost invisible but can be seen if looking for it. This limitation makes it so that something like a house can’t be shrunk all at once but the door to the house can. The largest object the remote could affect would be a car. If want to affect larger objects the remote needs to be larger than normal size or the object needs to be smaller and then made larger.

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