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by Triple
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You become a foot slave to a Trainer in the world of Pokemon (GPs for adds)

You become a foot slave to a Trainer in the world of Pokemon (GPs for adds)

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
After losing everything in a simple Pokémon battle, you are forced into servitude by your new Pokémon master to pay off your debt. All human Pokémon characters welcome, regardless of gender! Just some simple rules before we get started.

1. You don't have to be a perfect writer but the quality of your chapters should be reasonably good. This means that I want a minimum of 1,000 characters (NOT words) per chapter with decent spelling and grammar.
2. Keep it within the rating. This means no excessive violence, character deaths, blood, gore, extreme sexual content, etc.
3. No shrinking (for now). There are already two amazing interactives for that kind of content.
         (a) I'll revisit this rule if this reaches 100 chapters.

Quality Control
tl;dr just follow the rules and you're good
I reserve the right to edit/delete your chapters but will only do so in extreme circumstances. I am pretty lenient but there needs to be some effort put into your chapters. If I feel that your writing isn't quite up there yet BUT there is some decent effort put into it, I'll just edit your chapter a little and notify you. I'll also give you some GPs and feedback for that as well. However, if your chapter has no thought put into it, then I will delete it. To simplify, there are three possible actions I will take when viewing your chapter and rewarding GPs.
         (a) No editing required: I'll give you your GPs and say you did a good job. What's the minimum effort required to get this? Just follow the 1,000 minimum character limit and don't have too many grammar mistakes (a few is fine, don't worry). If you do find a small minor spelling/grammar mistake, I'll happily edit it for you without any Author's Note needed in the chapter.
         (b) Some editing required: There is quite a bit that needs improving but does look like some effort has been put into it. This usually means that you didn't reach the minimum character limit but were somewhat close. I'll give you some GPs and give you some small feedback. Don't be discouraged if I edit your chapter, it just means you have potential to become a better writer.
         (c) Major editing required: If it looks like there's no effort put into your chapter at all then I will delete your chapter without giving you any GPs. This will probably happens when the font size is automatically larger than the normal size (unless it's a choice chapter but more on that below). Here's one of my chapters from a decade long as an example to what I mean: "She Never Existed

Choice Chapters
Now let's address Choice Chapters; I have mixed opinions on this. One one hand, I don't like one sentence chapters asking for which person you want but on the other hand, they're a necessary evil. So here's what I'm going to do. You can still add choice chapters but they must also abide by Rule 1 (in most instances). This means that you have to write something either way, even if its filler. Think of it as writing practice.

If it's absolutely necessary, you can add the one sentence choice chapters but you MUST also add a real addition to the story (either through adding a detailed choice chapter or something with content).

I will be offering up to 7,500 GPs per addition (minus the one-sentence choice chapters). This offer will likely be reduced in the future as this Interactive grows.

16/02/2022: Reduced maximum GPs from 10k to 9k per chapter.
17/02/2022: Reduced maximum GPs from 9k to 8k per chapter.
1/03/2022: Reduced maximum GPs from 8k to 7,500 per chapter
25/04/2022: Added Quality Control section
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