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by Hectic
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #2264408
You are a one inch tall man trying to survive a ditzy girlfriend and a scheming roommate.

You are a one inch tall man trying to survive a ditzy girlfriend and a scheming roommate.

This is an interactive story containing 27 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This story is set in the same universe as a Shrunken College Student by myself as well as A Shrunken Intern by Alistair and the old Shrunken Stories by phantomstriker.

A lot has changed in the past 25 years since the great shrinking epidemic swept across the world. In an event that some called a medical mystery and others called an act of god, a type of shrinking virus spread to every corner of the earth, affecting part of the population while leaving another part completely fine. Those who fell victim to this virus rapidly shrunk down to one inch tall, but at the same time gained a strange durability and malleability that has baffled scientists and doctors alike. However, the tiny people were not ones to complain about these newfound characteristics, as they were the only things preventing their lives from being taken by a stray step or anything else of that nature. The third most interesting aspect about this inexplicable shrinking is the fact that only men seem to have suffered from it, with women across the world remaining completely unaffected.

From the first day of the shrinking event it was expected that society would change drastically, and while it definitely did, surprisingly much of it remained the same. There was no evil women’s takeover or forced servitude of the now smaller men. For the most part, many men who had a job that did not require physical labor of any kind were able to continue living somewhat normal lives. Certain laws were put into place which prevented too much malicious behavior from befalling the tiny men, but these were really only enforced when a woman would purposefully try to kill, kidnap, or otherwise torture them. The vast majority of the time women would get away with any accidents between them and the tiny guys with a small slap on the wrists.

Your Story

To describe the love life of the average guy since the great shrinking epidemic as turbulent would be putting it mildly. The amount of things that could go wrong for a tiny guy in his pursuit of a relationship is innumerable. It is an everyday occurrence for guys to be stepped on, sat on, eaten, or simply unknowingly ignored by a regular sized woman in their quests for romance. And those are merely some of the potential risks that a man must take even BEFORE he has gotten the woman’s attention. If a guy gets “lucky” enough to find a partner, that’s when the real troubles often begin. Tiny boyfriends are often lost accidentally, small arguments for equal-sized partners become one-sided to say the least, and god forbid they have to go through a breakup… Despite laws being in place to prevent the outright abuse of tiny guys, their implementation is quite spotty. So when a tiny decides to break up with his girlfriend, it is safe to say that she may be the last girlfriend he ever sees.

Into this chaotic world comes you, Andrew Moore, a 22 year old recent college graduate. Having been born tiny and obviously having lived your entire life at the same size, you were no stranger to the trials of a one inch man in pursuit of love. However, everything changed when you met the love of your life in college. Her name is Olivia King, and since the day you two met you knew you were soulmates. She is kind, caring, friendly, and beautiful to boot. The only drawback about her was that she could be a bit ditsy and careless at times, but by no means was she completely unintelligent. And now, after 3 years of dating, as well as graduating college together, you two are finally about to move in together! It is the best day of your life, something you have been wanting for a while now is about to come true. There’s only one catch… and it’s a big one.

That catch is named Mackenzie Robinson. The life-long best friend of Olivia as well as your new roommate. Olivia and Mackenzie have been friends since birth, never living apart from each other for more than a few months at a time for vacations and such. That being the case, splitting a two bedroom apartment, you and Olivia in one room, and Mackenzie in the other seemed like a no-brainer for the girls. Normally, you would have been fine with these living circumstances, as having a roommate made the rent quite a bit cheaper for the three of you. But this is no normal circumstance. Unfortunately for you, Mackenzie is secretly also in love with Olivia!

Herein lies the heart of your dilemma. Mackenzie wishes more than anything for Olivia to open her eyes and forget about you so they can get back to being best friends, and hopefully more some day. But no matter what she tries she can’t seem to break apart the bond that you and Olivia share. That doesn’t mean that she hasn’t tried, however. Quite the opposite in fact. Mackenzie has tried and failed to exploit either Olivia’s forgetfulness or your squishy and tiny nature to keep you out of the picture for long stretches of time, but it never lasts forever. Though it may take some time, your faithful Olivia always remembers you eventually and rescues you from whatever situation you are currently in.

You even have threatened to reveal Mackenzie’s secret love for Olivia a few times, but the sheer gravity of the threats that Mackenzie shot at you for even bringing that up keep you from ever taking that risk. So here the two of you must remain, in a Cold War of sorts, vying for the love of Olivia while secretly taking shots at one another behind her back. After all, you two are Olivia’s boyfriend and best friend, so you can’t reveal that you don’t like each other outright, lest you risk hurting her feelings.

You never know what each day is going to bring living with these two girls. Only that no matter how much torture Mackenzie puts you through, it is all worth it in the end for Olivia.

(these are just a few examples, feel free to add any characters you can think of that would make for good chapters! More girls, more one inch dudes that could be friends, anything)

Andrew Moore (you) - 22 years old. You have moderately tanned skin, brown hair and blue eyes. You consider yourself to be moderately good looking, and physically fit as well thanks to the precarious lifestyle of being a tiny man. You enjoy sports as well as video games, despite one of those hobbies being much easier for a one inch tall person to participate in. Additionally, you are rather outgoing, despite the risks that come along with doing anything at your size.

Olivia King - 22 years old. 5’10” 165 lbs. Your partner and the light of your life. Standing a fair bit taller than the average woman, she sports a shoulder length, light brown head of hair. Her tanned body carries just the right amount of extra weight around her curves, especially her sizable ass. But those curves lie around a mostly fit frame, thanks to Olivia’s interest in sports, despite being a bit of a klutz. Beyond that she is an incredibly warm and caring person, capable of winning over almost anyone she meets. However, due to her natural clumsiness and occasional carelessness, she ends up unwittingly causing most of your day to day squishing incidents. She is always apologetic when she discovers you, but due to the ease at which she is distracted, it often takes far too long to get to that point.

Mackenzie Robinson - 22 years old. 5’10” 150 lbs. Mackenzie is Olivia’s lifelong best friend, and in her mind, your romantic rival vying for Olivia’s affection. She is just about the same height as Olivia, but is a little bit thinner overall, and nevertheless a total looker. Long, practically black hair contrasts to her bit more pale complexion. Her curves, while still dwarfed by Olivia’s, are nothing to scoff at. She has been in love with Olivia for years, but cannot seem to muster up the courage to tell her. At this point even you wished that she would just come out and say it. Because as of now, she tries her damn best to mess with you, get you squashed unknowingly by other women or occasionally herself, or just otherwise try to distract Olivia long enough to have you slip her mind. At the very least you knew that she couldn’t outright get rid of you, or keep you hidden somewhere forever. Because while Olivia can get quite distracted for brief periods of time, she always ends up remembering you eventually.

Additional Characters

Elizabeth King - 44 years old. 5’8” 180 lbs. Elizabeth is your girlfriend's mother. A few inches shorter than Olivia, but significantly curvier. Almost ridiculously so, in fact. Her enormous ass strains at whatever skimpy outfit she is unwittingly wearing. Elizabeth is somehow perpetually unaware of the porn-star-esque dimensions that she carries, consistently dressing incredibly provocatively without any intentions to do so. Additionally, she is the definition of an airhead. You can see where Olivia gets a portion of this from, but nowhere near the same level. Every time you spend time around her, you rarely get chances to see the light of day. Elizabeth always rescues you when she finds plastered to her, just like her daughter. But the only difference is while she is always apologetic about these instances, she also can’t help but find them a bit funny. At the end of the day she really does like you and approves of your relationship with Olivia, despite her demeanor being hard to handle.

Jennifer Robinson - 42 years old. 5’9” 155 lbs. Jennifer is Mackenzie’s mother. She looks like a spitting image of Mackenzie, just a few more years mature. She loves her daughter dearly, and will always back Mackenzie up when it comes to torturing you, even if she doesn’t hate you entirely.

Camila Lozano - 26 years old. 5’6” 150 lbs. Camila is both your and Olivia’s boss at the marketing firm that you work at together. She is a dyed blonde, tan woman, with a respectably curvy body, at least in comparison to the other more blessed women in your life. She loves to make your job as difficult as possible for some reason, often going out of her way to mess with you, especially involving Olivia in some way.


The interactive is written in second perspective so use you, your, etc. when referring to the main character of Andrew. That being said, feel free to shift to third person occasionally for the giantesses of the story, for example writing out thoughts that might be running through their heads. E.g. “You had only a second to look up before a giant foot crushed you flat. Up above, Olivia heard a barely audible *squish* as she stepped into her room before looking down and thinking, “Oh man that’s probably Andy” while lifting her foot up to inspect it.”

Don’t kill Andy and try to avoid hardcore violence overall really.

Do not go full cuckold and have Mackenzie and Olivia hook up, date, get together, etc. instead of Olivia being with Andy. They could end up going on friend-dates, vacations, or whatever together if Mackenzie somehow ends up taking his place for these events, but Olivia should never ever consider Mackenzie a romantic partner in return. In Olivia’s eyes they are strictly friends.

No one word or one sentence bridge chapters. Try to aim for somewhere around 1,000 characters. (for reference my description of Mackenzie up there is 1024 characters/182 words).

Most of the typical giantess topics are cool with me, as well as transformation related stuff like using the men’s malleability to turn them into clothing/a product. The things I don’t want to see are the following few: First, anything related to shit/scat is a no-go (farting is chill though). Second, any insertion/heavily sexual stuff isn’t my cup of tea (I might not outright delete well written chapters about this, especially because the main characters are in a relationship, but I probably won’t add much to them without changing the topic). And third, no gay content between any of the tiny men (lesbian stuff is fine though).

Olivia cannot be convinced that Andy is a pervert/loser who she should dump at best or suddenly torture at worst. She may be capable of being convinced that he needs to be squashed/transformed temporarily for some reason or another, but she cannot be tricked forever.

On a similar note, try not to write chapters that COMPLETELY change the personality or traits of the main characters. They can have momentary lapses in character. Characters can show emotion, get mad/sad, etc. and occasionally do dumb things. But no complete personality shifts unless you can do an incredible job at justifying it writing-wise.

If you have read through all of this introduction then I genuinely appreciate it! Doubly so if you feel like adding on a chapter!
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