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Size Story With A Fantasy World

Size Story With A Fantasy World

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:

Over 300 Words.
Keep true to the world I’ve created.
No choice chapters.
Death is welcome, maybe encouraged.
I will be imaginging it through a Isekai view. You can as well if you want.

Welcome to the world of Giganteus. A fantasy region, with many different races and many different sizes!

8 Castles and Factions at war, each seizing control and the land. The land is a circle, with a slice for all the kingdom

The biggest twist though, is the size of play. There are several sizes, and this world is not built fair. 75% of those will be of the ‘tiny’ size. 24.9% will be of ‘average’ size and 0.1% will be of titan size. This extreme unbalance of the world is used in play a lot. A rush of power over those smaller than them.

You are stuck the size and race you are, however it is possible to change and evolve up the ranks

A race smaller, try as they might will struggle to those bigger than them. Tinies are playthings to Averages, Averages plaything to Titans, and even Titans being a plaything to gods themselves

There are eight factions in this world, dividing the land into eight as well. They are:

White Eagle:
Their homebase is Cassier. This castle takes inspiration from Mid-Mellienia England. By the sea, plenty of ships.Their land is how you imagine a fantasy world to be. It's race are only human, but an Angel or two can be seen. It's Tiny race is the Tomkin. It's Titan race is ArchAngel Allies with the next two.

Green Unicorn
Their homebase is the Rammer. A kingdom in the forest, by a large mountain. Surrounded by forests all around. It’s races are elves, Dwarves, Centaurs. It’s Tiny race is the Sprites. Its Titan race are the Dryads

Blue Nagas.
Their homebase is the Traver. A civilization hidden in the tundra and thirsts for Knowledge. It’s races are humans, but governed by genies. it’s Tiny Race are Homuculus. It's Titan race are made Mechs

Green Wyverns.
Their homebase is the Frett. Deep in the swamp, one who lives here doesn’t care for their stench. It’s races are all different form of Beast-Man Anthros. It’s tiny race funnily enough are humans. It's Titan race are Slimes

Brown Rocks.
Their homebase is the Strongutt. Barberic people, who have dispecable ways. Their land is more desert than home. Their races are Orcs, Goblins, Ogres. It's tiny are Neandathals. It's titan race are Behemoths

Black Ghosts.
Their homebase is the Necropol. Creatures of the night, creatures of death. In the center of a land where nothing grows. Their races are Zombies and vampires. Their tiny race are ghouls. Their Titan race are Spectres

Red Hellhound.
Their homebase is the Infaring. A hellish land, filled with lava and creatures of pure hatred. Their races are Devils and Demons. Their tiny race are sinners. Their Titan Race are Demon Lors

Purple Manticores.
Their homebase is the Dungon. Buried underneath a civilization who hates the sunlight. Their races are Harpies, Minotaurs and Gorgons. Their tiny are Trogladytes. Their Titans are Dragoons



Tomkin: Tomkins are small dwellers of Cassier They are allowed to live there, however the castle doesn’t make their life easy. Making them serve the Humans of the place, like little servants. They don’t have much rights. Their strongest trait is their courage.

Sprites: Sprites are treated much better than the rest of the Tiny races. Respected, friendly and with the ability to fly. However this makes most mistake them as bugs and swat at them. Their strongest trait is their magic ability

Homunculus: Made by the people of the Traver, these creatures were created to serve. Whether that would be as assistants or as some lower form. Their strongest trait is their massive health

Humans: Once lived in the swamp, a powerful witch shrunk them all down in size. Now they are nothing but the toy and playthings of the beasts. They are nothing compared to them. Their strongest trait is their endurance

Neandathals: With the size to not combat any of the creatures around, they couldn’t evolve with them. Instead they stayed their own, primitive race under their feet. Their strongest trait is their strength

Ghouls: Like how zombies are forms of ‘Averages’ bought back to life, Ghouls are tinies brought back to life. However at their size, they might wish the stayed dead. Forever loyal to their masters. Their strongest trait is the fact they revive.

Sinners: Humans cursed by demons. They get taken back to the Inferno to get tortured. Day in and day out, their life is truly hell. The worst out of all of the shrunkens. Their strongest trait is their blood, used for demons

Trogladytes: Born underneath in dens, these tinies are hunched, and are fairly weak in most regard. Seen more as easy meals from the biggers than anything else. Their strongest trait is their stealth.


Humans: The most common race, they come in many difference colors and forms. Masters of weapon and magic, the jack of all trade. And very pretentious to other races.

Angels: A very rare race. With magic of the divine, they are a bane to those evil. Their luck are also quite increased. How they are angels, nobody knows

Elves: Long pointing ears, and magic of the forest. These elves are known as the most beautiful out of the races. They have a connection with the creatures that no other race has. Their age-span are only contested by vampires

Dwarves: The smithing race. They are shorter than the rest of the Average, however they still tower over tinies. Stocky, muscular and most males having beards, they are a stubborn race.

Centaurs: Bottom half horse, top half human. These creatures can run for days on end without tyring. Despite them being humanoid, they do have a lot of animiastic habits.

Genies: A race of mystical beings. With the most powerful magic in the world, they devote themselves to studies. Their magic has been labled as otherworldly by most.

Beast-Men: Coming in all sorts of ways. If there is an animal of it, there is a Beast-Man of it. They themselves have been known to be charted as slaves by humans, which doesn’t help the humans now at their feet.

Orcs: The most advanced out of the races in the Strongutt, but that doesn’t say much. They have learned to create tools to shoot their rocks, and attack their enemies. They excel at range.

Goblin: The only race smaller than Dwarves. However the advantage they have is their numbers. If you find one Goblin, there will be fifty more around. Goblins are also known to be very... frisky.

Ogre: The strongest race in Strongutt, they are brutes. With one way of attacking, and that is strike with their weapon. They also have an odor that is impossible to get rid of.

Zombies: Brought back from the grave, these creatures have absurd strength. Not to mention the ability to recover their body easily. Their one down side is no magical ability.

Vampires: An elegant, deadly race. They have the power to regain life by sucking on the blood of their enemies. They are the Upper-Class to Zombies and Ghouls, both of which serve them

Demon: The human equlivant to the Infaring. Red skin, with sharp tales. These creatures love sin and danger, and they will always attack those humans they hate so much. Fire magic is their strongest

Devil: The Angel counterpart. While the angel is known for being pure, the devil is known for leading others down the path of lust. As well as being sadists.

Harpies: The only race besides angel with the ability to fly. These creatures are known for their birdlike wings, and their very hungry appetite. They see humans as mostly easy prey

Minotaurs: The strongest race in the Averages, these creatures have the ability to go berserk, and blood-rage mode. Their only downside is the fact they are usually easy to predict and keep at a range. However if one is charging for you...

Gorgons: Deadly archers, with the body of a snake and a deadly stare. These creatures can turn any foe they see to stone, only at a certain distance. They are the rulers of the dungeon.

ArchAngel: A divine race above others. Long spread wings and judgement from the holy, they are able to smite entire armies, or just step on them.

Dryad: Beings of the forest, with the power to raise forests from the ground and bring back the magic of life. These creatures can take down their enemy with their plants, or their body.

Mechs: A robotic race, made by the humans to protect the people. They can have averages inside of them, but it’s not needed. With the power of lasers, they are deadly fighters!

Slimes: A deadly being made out of goo. They come in all colors and with powers to melt armies. They are also annoyingly playful to Averages

Behemoths: With tusks and a dangerous look, these creatures mearly like destruction and won’t be afraid to stomp down whole civilizations.

Dragoons: With the form of a dragon, a human or a hybrid. These titans can breath fire, and fly. Eating anything they don’t like.

Spectre: An otherwordly being, treated as the reapers. Power to turn invisible and with the touch of death, they are the most dangerous of the titans.

Demon Lord: A titan with the most deadly ability. Their word is law. Whatever they say, becomes a commandment averages and tinies have to do.

Dwellers: Why the kingdoms fight for the land they are. Sea Monsters that swarm around the country, no one able to get out.

Gods: They has never been a god sighted, so who knows!
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