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  1. Arrival on Earth
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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Sci-fi · #2265428
Inch tall people called Lillitopians try to escape from normal sized children!
Chapter #1

Arrival on Earth

    by: Riverd0g
General Vertragus and his crew stepped through the dimensional portal and ended up on bottle hill in a rural canyon area on California’s central coast. All of them stood about one inch tall. They carried equipment with them, and met up with a crew who had already been on Earth for quite some time. A makeshift colony had been set up, with normal-sized batteries connected to equipment they brought with them from the prison planet. Camouflaged netting covered the camp so it couldn’t be seen from the air.

“We can never go back now, we were the last ones to step through the dimensional portal!” said Vertragus.

“I’m Sergeant Decimus, I was in charge here until you arrived, general. One of our men was captured by thunder children! The house is not far from here, we have its location on a digital map. You outrank all of us, General Vertragus!”

“We can leave after sunset,” said Vertragus. “I have a no man left behind policy!”

Shortly after nightfall, seven of the shrunken people marched into the alley way between houses where their crew member was being held hostage.

“The transponder built into the abducted crew member’s uniform indicates he is being held in that room,” said Sergeant Decimus. “Sonar shows the layout of the bedroom, we should drill right there,” he pointed at an area of the house to the left and below the window. “We can enter the room through a hole behind the bed.”

Two crew members carried a platform that could rise to the location where they needed to drill. Once there, they drilled a hole big enough for them to climb through. Five of them entered the bedroom, while two kept watch outside.

There was a jar on a desk, but there weren’t any normal sized people in the bedroom. Two of them ran behind the desk, while the others tried to get a layout of the room.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and two girls entered the room. They had brown skin, medium length brown hair and hazel eyes. One girl was about 13, while her younger sister was 12.

“Do you see what I captured?” the older girl asked her sister. She grabbed the jar and held it aloft. “It’s a shrunken person!” The girl handed the jar to her younger sister.

Should Vertragus wait until the thunder children depart, or make contact with them and try to use the neural stimulator on them to put them to sleep?

You have the following choices:

1. Wait until the thunder children depart

2. Make contact with the thunder children

*Noteb* indicates the next chapter is blank and needs to be written.
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