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  1. Ashley's surprise
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Your girlfriend has already had a fantasy, but now she can live it
Chapter #1

Ashley's surprise

    by: biggirl
"So, Matt what should we do tonight?" Ashley asks you as you walk into her house.
"I don't care it's up to you, i'm up for anything." You say in resonse, looking her up and down she is looking fine tonight.
You and Ashley have been dating for a few monthes now and you really like each other she is the same height as you, but thats no surprise since you are only 5'6". She does however have nice long blonde hair, a great set of breasts, and an ass to die for.

"Hehe, good i was hoping you would say that...i'll be right back." she said in a sexy tone of voice just before leaving the room.
When she came back you could hardly believe your eyes, she was in a really sexy black bra that showed off her nice tits, and some black panties a size too small so her ass was very nicely defined.
"Well Matt, there is something i want to do tonight, its a fantasy i've had for a while now." She says sitting next to you.
"I've always wanted to have a little man, or little men being my little slaves, and the other day i bought this at a mystic store." She pulled out a strange looking gun that had a lever with both "grow" and "shrink" on it.
"So, do you wanna give it a try?" She says.
Before you can answer she pulls the trigger and...

You have the following choices:

1. She grows to 15.

2. She grows to 50ft

3. She grows to 100ft

4. you shrink to 6 inches

5. you shrink to 3 inches

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