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  1. The Intruder
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The girls of the Sonic universe are about to have an expanding experience
Chapter 1

The Intruder

    by: Silverfighter   More by this author
The hidden city of Felonia was having another peaceful day until...

"Flash! Flash!" shouted the feline chief of the city's security team, as he rushed to the city's guardian. Flash looked 17 years old, and wore a black leather jacker and blue jeans over his brown-furred body. A Japanese-style sword was prodded against him in its scabbard. He had been meditating when the chief had called him.

Flash twitched his whiskers as he said, "What is it, chief?"

The chief then explained, "Flash, we just picked up signs of an intruder in the west area of the city,"

"Very well, chief; I will inspect this," said Flash, picking up his sword. The chief didn't ask if he needed back-up...Flash was probably the most powerful warrior in all of Felonia.

Later, Flash was walking through the west area, when he came across an unconcious figure laying on the ground. He cautiously approached it, and found the figure was a girl...
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