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One day you wake up to find that you have been shrunk by twins
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Chapter #2

Tia and Tamara Lowry

    by: Brown
You look up to see both teenaged black twin sisters in real life Tia and Tamara Lowry because they were both wearing similar outfits:purple tank tops and blue shorts it was difficult to tell one from the other then Tia or Tamara spoke from your immediate right hand side "Well sis looks like we paid the right person to shrunk quite the cutie for our playtime!" winking at you Tamara from your left hand side giggles "Oh yeah we're going to have quite a time with him!" before you can muster up even a single word Tamara gently grabs you and tosses you to the nearby bed "What are you going to do to me?" you ask fearfully and terrified beyond a shout of a doubt both twins grin like crazy "Let's just see how long you can last against our series of tests we created just for a shrunken man of your stature!" with that you knew there was no way you could escape either as they prepared to

You have the following choices:

1. Eat you by splitting you in half

2. Sit on you one by one

3. Something worse

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