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  1. a trip to the Mansion
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Chapter 1

a trip to the Mansion

    by: Lord Hugo Prosperio   More by this author
You are driving on a beautiful afternoon on the country side. The beaches and smell of the air engulf your senses as the wonders of spring overtake you...that is, until a clap of thunder shatters the dreamworld around you, and you realize its best to put up the cover of your car.

as you go to do this, your knee hits something which sends the car flying down a hill and into a stonewall at the bottom. Your car...is, in a word, broken.

"Great! What the hell am I supposed to do?" you wonder aloud, as something catches your eye. Its a huge mansion with spires taller than you have ever seen. You have no choice but to look for shelter at the building that looks like it belongs in Disney World more than your little town.

after knocking on the huge door, it slowly creeps open with a strange looking man straing at you. he looks like a cross between your dad, and Vincent Price.

"welcome, child. I am Lord Hugo Prosperio, and I own this house? I see that you are in need of assistance and shelter from the storm? well, fee free to spend the night here, altought you may not leave the same. Take any of the rooms, and feel free to roam around. if you need me, give a shout." and he seems to vanish from the room leaving you to pick which room you want.
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