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by Bmao
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fanfiction · #947623
Travel to the worlds of fantasy novels, recruit their heroes, and fight alongside them!

Travel to the worlds of fantasy novels, recruit their heroes, and fight alongside them!

This is an interactive story containing 1,403 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
First of all, I will warn the reader that the description and the first chapter of this interactive is quite lengthy. If you're not patient enough to read the intro, then please leave without rating. I've received too many ratings of '1's', complaining that its too long. If you do take the time to read, I promise you, that you won't be dissappointed.

Realm Drifter is a fan-fiction within a original fantasy world of my own making. Basically, this is a tribute of my favorite fantasy novels, and I find pleasure in altering them. What could happen to the overall stories if a character was added, or an aspect of it were changed? Who knows what sort of anamolies might occur in the pages to come?

Feel free to add chapters; it can involve all sorts of violence, cursing, gore, conflict, etc... as long as it pertains with the main storyline. I would also encourage writers to make their chapters at least a few paragraphs long, and do your best to use proper grammar and pronunctiation. Be advised that I'll usually edit a recently submitted chapter so that it fits the overall storyline better. I'll try not to alter them too much (as there have been some times where I have editted a chapter to the point where they were unrecognizable to their original).

As for the content of the storylines themselves, some of them are rather slapstick and meant for pure fun, but other storylines are more serious and require a great deal more knowledge of the characters, the books, and that added chapters will be held to a higher standard (meaning that each one should be at least several paragraphs long).

Yet anything that involves shrinking to six inches tall, the swallowing of hemaphrodites, inflating lesbians and other varieties of that cliched trash will not be tolerated. There are already far too many of those bad excuses of interactives that involve shrinking, growing, weight gain, Vore, etc. Those drive me absolutely ballistic.

Please tell me how you felt about of Realm Drifter, and their particular storylines. It'll really help a great deal. I could especially use ratings and reviews.

We've have reached 50,000 + member views, and 1,000,000 total chapter views!!

(This number is not inflated by going in as myself but not logging in. It is the true number of all users who have come to read my interactive.) Yes, I will admit the number seems quite small considering the amout of time Realm Drifter has been around, and the number of chapters it has. More importantly, it has been rated nearly one hundred times.

February 2022

Its been nearly 17 years for Realm Drifter now. Seventeen years. Its hard to believe how much has changed since then. In that time frame, I'm looking back on Realm Drifter mostly, though every now and again I do go back to read it and even write a chapter every now and again. I'd like thank everybody here for their continued support and viewership, and hope that you all continue to read and write chapters.

PLEASE NOTE All characters and plotlines held within are copyrighted to there respective authors and/or creators. (Including me)

Currently, I am in the process of editing several of the chapters within the various longer storylines in order to make them more readable and plausible. Hopefully by doing this it will also re-inspire me to add some new chapters as well.

In the world of Tribitua, two powerful Empires would come to vie for power over the planet. One was the land of Draconia, the homeland of the humans and dragons, whose existence is kept in harmony by the Dragoners. The other was the Corporate Conglomerate Emirates of Malthinae, populated by a race created originally to serve as slaves of the elves, but upon overthrowing their former masters, built their empire through the smoke of machines. Over the years, relations deteriorated between these two superpowers, which then led to outright war. For countless years, the war was waged across the planet, destroying and devastating the lands in this perpetual battle; the elves, dwarves, orcs and others civilizations and races wiped out in the mutual slaughter.

Yet over time the development of superior technology by the Malthinae; machine guns, tanks, planes, artillery, etc. slowly allowed them to gain advantage of the magic wielding Draconians, of which the Malthinae were immune to and that the Draconians were slow to catch up with. Now, the once peaceful, isolated homeland of the dragons and humans is facing invasion by the Corporate Conglomerate Emirates of Malthinae, whose objective is the obliteration of human and dragonkind and the creation of a single global Empire.

The normally unparralleled dragoners; the winged, dragon-riding warriors who protect Draconia, have taken staggering losses in this new, mehcanized warfare, the machines of the Malthinae proving superior to their old ancient magics alone. Their situation has become desperate.

In their desperation, Draconia's leaders and scholars gathered before the Great Portal in Angelos Weyr, where the dragons had first appeared from, and prayed for salvation. Miraculously, in an age of modern industrial warfare, their prayers were answered. An enigmatic being known as the 'Moderator' emerged from the Great Portal, and presented himself before the leaders of Draconia, armed with a vast collection of books. The Moderator provided the leaders of Draconia with books, of other worlds, places and times; and that they would be able to access these alternate dimensions through the Great Portal, whose realms existed heroes that would be able to help stem the tide of the Malthinae.

The moderator blessed Giljaras, a young impulsive dragoner, along with his dragon, Drakreanor, with this ability to traverse between the Realms. The Moderator would not tell Draconia's leaders why he had chosen Giljaras, yet the fact was that Draconia's fate rested upon his ability to convince the heroes and the people of these other realms to fight on Draconia's behalf.

Giljaras accepted this task; yet there is one age old question that bothers him. Is it worth it to save his world while altering, or destroying theirs? And once having saved Draconia, would he want to go back to his own world afterwords?


I'd like to thank dragonpuppy for referring to my interactive story in "Invalid Item. If you enjoyed reading Realm Drifter, why don't you check out hers?

Also, I'd like to really thank eagle13, wedge9t and Roth Doru Areaba for adding chapters to Realm Drifter, especially in the Harry Potter storyline. Realm Drifter would be dead without them.

And lastly, I'd like to thank treqqie64 for the awardicon. It really does feel good that all the work that I and everyone who contributed to Realm Drifter has paid off in at least that respect.


I've just realized that its been 16 years, that's correct, 16 years since I started this interactive story. Realm Drifter has literally been around for half of my lifespan now (well, guess you know how old I am now). During that time, my writing style has changed - the second person point of view that most of the story was written in seems so clunky now, and I like to think that I have a lot more perspective in life in general now that I'm in my 30s, rather than when I started this fic when I was a high schooler. Furthermore, most of these users who have contributed so much to the storylines are gone, having moved on from writing.com to new lives and such. Its sad to see that many of the writers that I used to know are no longer in contact with me, but that's how life goes. The same can be said for me, in a sense, but still, I have a place in my heart for Realm Drifter, and you'll still see me occasionally post new chapters, or make edits to existing chapters.
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