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Monologues - By Genre: Internet/Web
in the "Internet/Web" genre

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Tools for creating and organizing character data for a long-term series
Rated: E
~768 Words
Writing, Writing.Com, How-To/Advice
Type: Article
Updated 5 months ago
Why does it take so much from us to spend a few minutes making sure these people are ok?
Rated: E
~1,903 Words
Internet/Web, Experience, Friendship
Type: Monologue
Updated 6 days ago
how much should you trust others on the internet?
Rated: 13+
~2,482 Words
Internet/Web, Personal, Opinion
Type: Monologue
Updated 5 months ago
Usernames can be tricky, and if they fail to correct us on gender, isn't wrong? Or is it?
Rated: E
~1,126 Words
Internet/Web, Friendship, Opinion
Type: Monologue
Updated 7 months ago
It's shameful that so few WdC members know how to properly construct a simple email.
Rated: E
~755 Words
Community, Educational, Internet/Web
Type: Monologue
Updated 7 years ago
An experience of depression through the verbal lens.
Rated: E
~448 Words
Dark, Experience, Internet/Web
Type: Monologue
Updated 11 years ago
This is an alteration of a great scene from Sidney Lumet's "Network."
Rated: 18+
~283 Words
Internet/Web, Computers, Entertainment
Type: Monologue
Updated 16 years ago
Contains references to the game Warcraft 3 and some gaming jargon.
Rated: 13+
~670 Words
Experience, Internet/Web, Technology
Type: Monologue
Updated 17 years ago

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