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Non-fiction - By Genre: Fanfiction
in the "Fanfiction" genre

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In Silo 1, Hal discovers secrets about his past. Carlton's role in W.O.O.L. is revealed.
Rated: 13+
~2,741 Words
Sci-fi, Technology, Thriller/Suspense
Type: Sample
Updated 5 years ago
In 2020, earth was Bombarded by Cosmic Radiation.
Rated: E
~139 Words
Action/Adventure, Fanfiction, News
Type: Non-fiction
Updated 3 years ago
Rated: E
~255 Words
Type: Non-fiction
Updated 6 years ago
Not to be taken too seriously, just written for a site to get it as a link.
Rated: E
~651 Words
Fanfiction, Fantasy, Other
Type: Non-fiction
Updated 8 years ago
Rated: E
~1,309 Words
Family, Fanfiction, Sci-fi
Type: Non-fiction
Updated 14 years ago
A journal of the life of a fellow X-Man through the eyes of a friend. By Scott Summers.
Rated: 13+
~7,024 Words
Action/Adventure, Fanfiction, Sci-fi
Type: Non-fiction
Updated 14 years ago
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~Up to 8,000GP per add!~ Animal Crossing villagers want you to play with their feet!
Rated: 18+
85 Chapters
Erotica, Fanfiction, Animal
Type: Interactive
Updated 11 months ago
Kingdom Hearts Fan-fiction. A Story of Another Story in Kingdom Hearts.
Rated: 13+
~368 Words
Type: Non-fiction
Updated 16 years ago
Basically an adapted version of Final Fantasy X in words.
Rated: E
~3,696 Words
Fanfiction, Fantasy, Romance/Love
Type: Non-fiction
Updated 18 years ago
Basically it's nothing but stories about cartoon female character gainig weight
Rated: ASR
~13 Words
Fantasy, Fanfiction, Women's
Type: Non-fiction
Updated 19 years ago
Lord of the Rings role-playing game notes. Funny! Mind the language.
Rated: 18+
~1,362 Words
Comedy, Fantasy, Fanfiction
Type: Non-fiction
Updated 22 years ago

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