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Prose - By Genre: Fashion
in the "Fashion" genre

A time when men and women were mysterious,sex was tasteful, and class wasn't about money.
Rated: 18+
~60 Words
Romance/Love, History, Fashion
Type: Prose
Updated 4 years ago
This goes out to an awesome friend of mine.
Rated: 13+
~711 Words
Arts, Fashion, Activity
Type: Prose
Updated 6 years ago
Is life but a stage and an audience, this flesh merely props to act out life's lines.
Rated: 13+
~321 Words
Fashion, Entertainment, Tribute
Type: Prose
Updated 10 years ago
*Dollar* 75 GPs per review
What my eyes look like when I wake up.
Rated: E
~100 Words
Personal, Fashion, Drama
Type: Prose
Updated 13 years ago
It a poem about love
Rated: E
~29 Words
Melodrama, Friendship, Fashion
Type: Prose
Updated 13 years ago
If Madame Bovary had found herself in 1960s London....
Rated: 13+
~2,792 Words
Fashion, Emotional
Type: Prose
Updated 15 years ago
Colorful, candy-cane galoshes are not condusive to your health.
Rated: E
~454 Words
Fashion, Comedy, Entertainment
Type: Prose
Updated 16 years ago
Are appearances always what they seem?
Rated: 13+
~590 Words
Fashion, Personal, Psychology
Type: Prose
Updated 17 years ago
A love no longer returned
Rated: E
~237 Words
Death, Emotional, Fashion
Type: Prose
Updated 18 years ago

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