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Silly story about school life
Fill in the blank next to each word request then click the button below...
Negative verb:
Negative adjective, e.g.stupid:
Enter occupation e.g. student, plumber:
Name of person of the opposite sex:
Number between 10 and 100:
Name of a celebrity:
Insulting word for smart people:
Name of somewhere weird and faraway:
Two or more tasks that you hate:
Type of punishment( make it really weird):
Activity that you like:
'saintly' activities(past tense):
Hairdo of a person you hate:
Type of outrageous clothing:
Number below 15:
Mode of communication:
Three criminal activities(present tense), e.g. do:
Funny topic of conversation:
Jobs you think are disgusting:
Subject or activity that discourages criminals:
Insulting word(plural form),:
Prestigious jobs, e.g. doctors:
Name of planet:
How much do you pay in taxes?state currency.:
Another type of outrageous clothing:
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