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Adapted from Shel Silverstein's "Picture Puzzle Piece"
Fill in the blank next to each word request then click the button below...
2-syllable verb ending in ing:
2-syllable noun:
2 syllable verb ending in ing:
1-syllable liquid:
2 syllable noun:
1 syllable article of clothing:
Type of person, 2 syllables:
1-syllable past tense verb:
1-syllable word rhyming with “shoe“:
3-syllable adjective:
1-syllable noun rhyming with “bean“:
Noun... one syllable:
1-syllable color:
2-syllable fabric:
1-syllable article of clothing:
adjective, 2 syllables:
2-syllable fruit:
3-syllable relative:
1-syllable past-tense verb:
1-syllable word rhyming with “snow”:
article of clothing, one syllable:
2-syllable container:
2-syllable adjective:
2-syllable mythological creature:
1-syllable adjective:
1-syllable word rhyming with “hair”:
2-syllable adjective beginning with “B”:
2-syllable body part beginning with “B”:
1 syllable piece of clothing:
1-syllable word rhyming with “witch”:
2-syllable past-tense verb:
1-syllable word that rhymes with the last piece of clothing:
another 3-syllable adjective:
1-syllable noun:
2-syllable type of person:
adjective, one syllable:
adjective, 1 syllable:
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