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by Lucian
Rated: E · Madlib · Other · #2054708
You and someone else swap
Fill in the blank next to each word request then click the button below...
Work, school, etc.:
Pronoun for the person you swap with:
Your name:
Their name:
Aware of the the swap or unaware:
Bodies, a trait, or a part:
Something else you swapped:
New body, trait(s), or part(s):
Descriptive Adjective about your new body, trait,:
Action(s) the night after you swapped:
Period of time (days, weeks, years, etc.):
Aware, unaware, or partially aware:
Adjective for how the situation makes you feel:
Do or don't:
Can or can't:
Body, a part, or a trait:
Adjective describing the changed body, part, or tr:
Adjective for how you initially feel:
Feeling after time has passed:
Their feeling:
Friends, lovers, enemies, etc.:
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/madlibs/item_id/2054708-Body-Part-Swap