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Review of Valentine's Day  
Review by Jellyfish
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#1919085 by Osirantinous

First Impressions

At first read I really enjoyed the poem. From the first line the poem promised to be a rather dark take on the idea of love and I was encouraged to read on. I found that I enjoyed your writing style as well as the imagery in the poem and the story it tells.


The title indicates the poem may be about various things as it is a straightforward one and does not give away the true meaning of the poem. Naturally the occasion that is "Valentines Day" first brings to mind connotations of love and romance as would be stereotypically portrayed in the media - red roses, diamond rings, romantic meals out and so on. However, a poem entitled Valentines Day could quite easily be about anything which was to happen on that day. I like the fact that although the poem is actually a kind of ANTI love poem, it still has an ambiguous title. Personally this pleases me more than if it had actually been a romantic love poem. *Wink*


The poem is quite clearly a poem about a lost love or a relationship which has gone wrong - having said that it may not be about one particular relationship, it could be about the whole concept of true love. Perhaps the writer has had a string of bad luck and negative relationships? Certainly the bitter tone in which the poem is written seems to suggest so. However in the last verse, the tone changes somewhat and the writer seems to rise victorious, as though having vented out all these bad feelings she is ready to come out fighting!


The poem takes the traditional images of love poems and turns them on their head - a heart become a machine, a day of celebration for lovers becomes a capitalist ploy. I like the way you have used imagery in the way in the poem and find it an effective way of showing emotion here.

Structure/Rhymes etc

I thought that the poem flowed very well and I liked the rhyming scheme you have used (although I couldn't tell you what it was! *Wink*). In any case it made the poem very pleasing to read.


"It happens everyday, but never the same." - I would write "every day" as two words


I thought this was a great poem well executed. I liked the theme and the way you have taken the concept of Valentines Day and distorted the typical associations with the day. I also liked how the poem changed in the last verse with the writer emerging as the victor - I love the last line You put out my light, but I'll reignite and shine - I thought this was a very effective ending to the poem.


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