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#1919085 by Osirantinous


To be honest I was not sure what the title "The Happy Mile" meant. As you refer to it several times in the poem I thought that maybe this was some kind of universally acknowledged phrase, so I googled it but nothing came up! I am assuming then that it is a phrase you have made up to mean simply "being happy" but I am not completely sure. As I suppose I don't really run "The Happy Mile" myself, I cannot really relate *Wink*. Nevertheless it is quite a clever analogy.


The poem appears to be chiding the rich and famous and implying that they will never be as happy as people who are not rich and famous - in fact that they don't know how to be happy. I am not sure I would agree personally with this sentiment but I respect your opinion - and having never been rich and famous myself I cannot really make a true comparison I suppose! *Smile*. However some of the ideas in the poem don't make sense to me - for example why would a famous person not know a family's affection? Or why would they look back and wonder "What happened to the years" if they had filled it with achieving things they dreamt about? Of course, you may be writing the poem about a specific person in which case these things may have more obvious relevance. These are just things which occurred to me as confusing whilst reading the poem.


I thought the poem was well structured and flowed very well. The rhymes are almost perfect - with the exception perhaps of mansions/fashions if I am really looking! The italic layout works well and I found the poem easy to read.


"And half existing in one hell of a lie." - In this line I would take out "One hell of" as I think it would make the verse flow more effectively


Personally I am not really convinced about the themes and ideas in the poem and I suppose I cannot really relate to the fact that "happiness" is so straightforward. However, this does not mean I think it is a badly written poem and you have exhibited your own opinions in a well structured poem.

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