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New Zealand Winter  [E]
A haiku about winter in New Zealand
by Elle (she/her)
Review by Jellyfish
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Hello Elle (she/her)

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#1919085 by Osirantinous

First Impressions

My first impression quite honestly was to laugh! Why? Not necessarily at the poem, although it does have a slightly amusing level to it - but more at the fact that this poem is included in the challenge. How can one write 1500 characters about 62 characters?! *Laugh* but okay, I am taking the challenge, just to see if I can do it *Wink*


Now, looking at the title I automatically thought this was going to be a summery poem, knowing that New Zealand has summer when we have winter and as it is currently winter in the UK it must be summer in NZ. (21 degrees according to the internet so a pretty nice summers day by English standards) I also assumed that winter in NZ is relatively summery too - I suppose then that the poem came as a slight shock as it sounds more like a Welsh summer! *Wink* However, that is probably more my misjudgement than any wrongdoing on your part!

Structure & Form

The poem I recognised as a haiku, which it obviously states in the description. Before I joined WDC I had never heard of a haiku before and to be honest I am not sure that I quite appreciate the concept. Apparently a Haiku consists of 3 lines in a set of 5 - 7 - 5 syllables, a criteria which is perfectly met in this poem. It also is meant to have a reference to the "season" - done here with the sheets of rain. So yes, it appears it is a haiku and it has encouraged me to bother looking up details of haikus. *Wink*

Theme and Imagery

The winter theme is described with the imagery in the poem. It appears to be written in regards to late winter - almost early spring, hence the reference to the "early" lambs. The "sheets of wind tossed rain" seem to imply something torrential. For some reason the image of the sodden sheep is slightly amusing to me, but then I feel bad about this, as the sheep are probably none too happy about it.....


This has all the criteria of a well written haiku - although I am not quite sure of how fond I am of this style of poetry in general, since the content and emotions within are so minimal! I am also not sure that it is something I could write, so I am respectful of the fact that you have been able to do so effectively. *Smile*

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