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 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow  [E]
Chapter 1 Graveyard party
by Aimerz
Review by Marcia~I'm ...
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I have the following comments to offer:*BigSmile*

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after reading "Grand & Epic Adventures

Hi! My Name is Marcia. I wanted to pop by and give you a review so I stopped by to look over your portfolio and made myself at home. I grabbed a snack and a drink and started picking through your shelves. I know that you are new to our site and you haven't really had time to spread your wings and get all your books out on the shelves yet. I am so excited that you are here. I can't wait to introduce you to warriormom and ~A.J. Lyle~ when they find out you are my daughter they are going to be so excited that you are here. I wasn't real active when you were here last year but I am this year as you know I have been doing a ton of reviews. I love doing them and that is why I am here now to give you your first review from me.

*Flower1* Marcia's Personal Impression of your story/Plot

Your imagination has always astounded me. This story leaves me wondering is the boy at the end of the story Irving before he died? Just curious.. You know I ask crazy questions.

*Idea* Marcia's Impression of your Characters

You always come up with some off the wall and amazing characters. I don't think you have ever come with one that I have not been impressed with.
*Note1* Does anything need changing?:

Natalie pulled over to the side away from the crowd. "I have someone that wants to meet you." She said cheerily.
Natalie pulled me over to the side away from the crowd. "I have someone that wants to meet you." She said cheerily.

*Star* What Is my favorite part about the piece:

I liked when the "ghosts" at the party meet the real Irving Lane.

*Sad* Did I dislike anything about the piece:

No, I didn't dislike anything about the story. I really liked it. I wish I could write from my imagination I am not very good at it. I write mostly non-fiction.

*Smile* In conclusion:

Please, continue to write I sincerely believe that you have a God given talent to be an amazing writer. Please, Write On!
May God bless you.
Love, *Heart* Marcia
Marcia~I'm Home :)
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