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Today I Stand  [13+]
Battling inner demons and taking a stand against them
by Jen~
Review of Today I Stand  
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I completely love this poem and the message of hope that it gives. I know that you have the ability to stand. I will help as I can.

From a writing prospective, I think that this is a great segway into a story. This could be a poem that someone finds among papers of a someone either extremely blessed or cursed. :)

There is a great book that is based on H.P Lovecraft's world called the Mind Parasites   by Collin Wilson. In this story there are parasites live in a different dimension and they found humanity and the feed off of our anxiety, stress, and general sadness. If you figure out that they exist they cause great damage and usually make the person kill themselves or go insane, etc.

I think this poem you wrote is so excellent that I think it deserved to be added with this masterpiece.

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