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PolyEsther   [18+]
In the 70's, Esther Carouthers has a secret other personality. She's not a good girl.
by Donkey Hoetay
Review of PolyEsther  
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Rated: 18+ | (5.0)
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         *RainbowL* WHY I'M REVIEWING FOR YOU *RainbowR*
I am reviewing your work as a Power Reviewers group member.
In the 70's, Esther Carouthers has a secret other personality. She's not a good girl.
Years ago I helped someone who's name was Esther. This is what got my attention and resulted in me reading your word art.
Cute picture of the donkeys and windmills.
         *Bell* PORTFOLIO VISIT *Bell*
Interesting word art of a different nature seems to be filed and awaiting readers and reviewers.
         *ThumbsUp* I LIKE *ThumbsUp*
What and why:
The mystery of the story. Wondering and guessing what will happen next.
The plot was very close to home for me because I tried to help someone I knew and discovered they apparently had at least one different personality or personality which was more than enough to make me feel like I just saw the worst enemy or daemon. imaginable. Reading as the suspense rose and details were revealed made me feel like I was in the middle of the story.
Theme:underlying meaning/message
For me it was more about the mystery and surprise with interwoven bits of new information which caused me to think about my own experience. Your story and my experience led me to conclude that the underlying message is to be careful about who you allow to dwell in your head-thoughts,personalities, and to be mindful of unusual events which may be a sign of instability which should be medically checked and measures for recovery put in place or at least finding some kind of medical protocol which would help minimize the situation.
Your story held me interest because of the way it added and then reduced the adrenaline rush factor. It moved well and the scene changes were smooth and well executed which helped bring this story to life.
         *Binoculars* OBSERVATION(S) *Binoculars*
Writer's Purpose
Perhaps sharing the knowledge about this kind of illness, sharing about the experience of someone known, or sharing personal experience, or research knowledge. It could also be a story which came naturally and developed into a mystery suspense thriller which had the ingredients for a real life episode that needed an audience.
The conflict was wonderful. It kept the story moving while riveting the reader to each paragraph of information because of the "what's next" question and trying to guess events and situations ahead of time. The challenge was not dwelling on my own horror movie I personally experienced.
Esther and her other personalities characters were a real life as any other individual in this situation as far as my knowledge and experience can testify to about this story telling venture.
Oh, yes I can believe this very easily because it seemed to be well researched or something experienced. Esther and her her other character personalities seemed to act, think, and do much as relief characters would do in this situation.
         *Question* QUESTION(S) *Question*
What inspired you to write this story?
Please keep writing, thank you.
My thoughts and ideas which may be of interest to you:
*Thought* CONCLUSION(S) *Thought*

Esther isn't just naughty, she is more dangerous than any wepon because she is actually a thinking, self propelled, weapon with many personalities, and at least one personality who does not have a conscience.
My thoughts and Impressions:
I shutter to think how close I came to this kind of personality(s) and am glad I survived.
I very much enjoyed the mystery, suspense, presentation, and diverse changes and exchanges between the different personalities and the scenes of this word art. I hope you will continue to write and share stories.

Thank you for allowing me to read and review your word art.
Safe travels and many blessings.

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