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*Coingold**Coingold* THE 9,000 GP REVIEW *Gold**Coingold**Coingold*

*Cat2* What about captured my attention?

*Cat* The photograph of the cat is a real draw. I have no way of knowing if this is your cat, but it looks very wise and in full control. Personally I enjoy animal stories where humans are able to see and transmute the qualities of animals that shows their strengths and smarts.

*Cat2* Description and Word Use:

*Cat* The author uses excellent means of describing the character of the animals, making them three dimensional before the reader. Aside from the opening photograph of the kitty, we are not given any colors, sizes, shapes or breeds. Those type of descriptions are not needed, because the dog and cat both are family members who have trained the humans very well.

*Dog1* I enjoy "the ritual." The humans "...go about the usual business of preparing for bed..." "...lock the cat in..." 2 hours later, while I am guessing the cat is being entertained, or fed. At 9:00 pm, "the dog is allowed outside one more time." You have trained each other; the dog goes out one last time for the evening; it is a bribe, to keep from getting you up before 4:00 am.

*Cat* "the cat goes on the offensive, ...imagining monsters, or villains or really large mice. He pounces, attacks with bunny kicks...Monday Night Smackdown." He will awaken you about 3:00 am.

*Cat2* Characters:

*Cat* The four-leggeds of this home are well beloved, and their needs, wants and desires rise above those of the humans, and become the routine or "ritual" of the people. The humans are projected as little more than the pets of the dog and cat, and if the whole world operated in this manner, we would have a much more ethical and kind planet.

*Cat2* Overall:

*Cat* The story is well written. The chronology is succinct and does not waste space. The story, or ritual is described in an almost dry manner, until we get to the 'final foot wrestling match,' and then we get some vibrancy and color.

*Dog1* There are only a couple of unnecessary words in my opinion, but it is just that. I lined through what I thought could be trimmed, but I like it.

*Cheshire* Considering how well written this is, I do not think it is fair for you to have to spend 9,000 for a review. I am returning some of your GP's to you for that reason. I could rub the cats fur backward, generating static electricity, make the dog howl, and disturb the ritual in order to fluff this review, but that is not cool.

Thank you for the respect you show your critters even if this was all fiction. Peace.

*Check5* Rating:

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