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Hi Karen,

*BurstP* I am raiding for the WDC Power Reviewers Raid and the Disability Writers Raid. I thought I should drop you a review for your bought-back 'Newbies are the Judge!'*BurstP*

*GlassesP* This is a great and unique idea for a contest. It is a very thoughtful idea to give a forum for Newbies to review some work from other members of the community. Here, there are a smaller number of people willing to have their work scrutinised so that the Newbies don't feel so intimidated. Great idea! I know how scared I was when I first reviewed Cinn's work because she is a moderator. I had no idea she would be so nice!

*GlassesP* I like the 'Judge' banner image. This shows members what to expect before they read through the contest page. The text is set out clearly and the colour scheme of pink/[purple run throughout the page. The headings for Rules, Prizes and Prompts is clear and follows through with the judge's hammer image. Clear and to the point which is ideal.

*GlassesP* You set out the rules for Newbies and entrants clearly and bullet pointed.

*GlassesP* I like how you are giving a prompt for each round. It does help inspire writers especially when you need to write a poem/story newly for the contest. The prompt is easily found so that there is no confusion.

*GlassesP* It is always good to highlight your donors as I'm sure it encourages others as well as thanking the ones you have. You do this really well - I love the hearts!

*GlassesP* Your prizes are really generous. Most established writers here will jump to the chance to win an Awardicon and you offer 10,000gps as well! The newbies can also win merit badges and an awardicon - you really are very generous! I like the gold, silver and bronze cups you use for each winning place too.

*GlassesP* You know I love this contest and I promise, as soon as my muse returns, I will offer up an entry!

*GlassesP* My only suggestion would be perhaps to have the Rules in colour like the rest of the piece.

Well done on bringing an excellent contest back!

Sally *Heart*

Just what it says. Public use.A very colorful shared sig for review raids
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