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 The Snow Maiden  [E]
Fairy Tale
by Thomas Browning
Review of The Snow Maiden  
Review by Goblin Slayer
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Rated: E | (4.5)
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Hello! I will be your reviewer for the time being. I am a no-nonsense reviewer. I will tell you like it is but will also point out the good things I see. just a bit about me. Okay, let's begin.
"He dared to make a wish -- but he kept it to himself for fear that if he said it out loud the wind might come and whisk it away, and then it would never come true." I like the imagery of this line and it was very well written.
The poem was excellent as well!
"The atmosphere was midnight blue and freckled with silver stars." Just a small thing, but earlier you said that the stars were blue.
Nice ending, I was hoping you were going to go there, but that last part I had to read twice. She was a swan and then he kissed her lips and tasted death. when did she turn back into a 'human'?
Very nicely done, I liked the story very much, except for that one part, it was very easy to follow, your hunter was pretty well rounded out for being a short story. When you post stuff on here sometimes you have to go through and hit return after every paragraph, it's just easier to read that way, just a thought. anyway, thank you for inviting me into your world, keep on writing!

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