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The tale of Boston Friday: a man who never visited the city and stayed home on the weekends. I felt personally attacked reading this! Now I feel obligated to go do something bold like getting a tattoo for the first time.

But seriously, I really enjoyed the message in this story. Too often do we get lost in our routines, working week to week with blinders on, so focused on our two days off that you forget about the other five.

Since I talked to you last I actually did some research on Nietzche and familiarized myself with his philosophies. The concept of the 'slave' identity can be found in the way that Boston lives and perceives things, simply existing within his little sphere of influence. That's all he does, exist. Never aspiring for anything more than a plain lifestyle.

Content with his small pleasures, he is surprised to see someone who dared to dye himself a neon green.

This makes the man appear bold to him, exhuding confidence. The 'master' identity, something that Boston is drawn to since he lacks the will or desire to be different.

The color green symbolizes envy, Boston jealous of the stranger's identity or social life.

I don't know if Boston really even wanted friends. To me it seems like he lacked ambition, the desire to break out of his shell and discover new things. When he sees all the colors this world is capable of, it has a marked change on him.

He decides to go visit Boston and explore new possibilities. The 'master' of his destiny.

I liked how introspective this story was, it felt very intimate in a personal way. Like experiencing a moment of clarity, noticing something different about yourself or the world.

You did a wonderful job filling in the details of Boston's mediocre life. I felt as if I was sitting right there with him on those lonely Fridays.

I love the musty smell of paper that spreads in the air when I turn another page of a book.

One of my favorite lines! That is the best way to describe that scent, almost perfume like. With older books it's the musk of a good story haha. Your writing style is very smooth and I really enjoyed the organic way it sounds here, the narrator running off on tangents was exactly like the way thoughts ramble in our heads.

The only thing I didn't like was how we never got a chance to see Boston go to Boston! That was stated in the beginning of the story, along with sitting home. I was expecting him to go to Boston on a Friday as someway to fully own his identity.

Seeing him doing something bold would illustrate a much more dramatic change of character than him planning to do it. What I'm trying to say is that the ending wasn't as satisfying as it could have been, but I understand you meant this to be more a personal moment of reflection.

Thank you for this thoughtful piece warning not to be content merely existing. It's always good to be reminded of our ambitions. As always, I look forward to reading more of your work!

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