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 Guilty Pleasures  [E]
The tragic tale of a man separated from his food.
by StopWhiningStartWriting
Review of Guilty Pleasures  
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Rated: E | (4.5)
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Greetings, StopWhiningStartWriting!
For your first piece on here, this isn’t bad! I take that back-it’s actually really, really good, and considering it’s for this 300 word FF contest, I’m very impressed!
I love the idea that Ramon thinks his wife’s about to catch him breaking his diet, only to find out it was just the maintenance man!
The reader knows right off where he is and what he’s doing, and the spelling and grammar were flawless. Thank you! But it was the ending that made this shine!
It’s right about here where I’d give you a hint about the host and owner of this contest, Arakun the Twisted Raccoon, loving surprise/twisted endings, but I guess you already did some homework and figured that out for yourself, huh? *Bigsmile*
Great job, SWSW!
‘Doctor Swanson wasn’t the one stuck living on rabbit feed.’ (*Laugh* So true!)
Kee ponw ritin gon, my friend, and welcome to WdC! If you like to write, then you’re going to love it here!
PS-You might want to get your bioblock (biography) set up so we can know a little something about you (hobbies, favorite books/authors, location, etc.), but that's up to you, of course.
PPS-And since you’re new here, perhaps you’d like to check out "Noticing Newbies and introduce yourself to the rest of the community if you haven’t already.

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