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Junkyard Mayhem (First Place)  [ASR]
Reclaiming a mustang is a bit tougher than the boys thought it would be.
by Pepper loving NanoWriMo!
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I’m reviewing this as a "The WDC Angel Army Angel and to thank you for all the reviews you’ve done and do on this site!
Guten tag, Pepper, and happy 10th 'birthday' on here!
I love flash fiction, and you did a great job with this! I can see why it took first place! Congratulations!
The idea of Cliff trying to talk his way into borrowing Cliff's '65 Mustang was a great idea (of yours, not so much of Cliff's *Laugh*), and that outcome was not only perfect, but rather ironic as well!
If Cliff would've let Bobby finish what he was starting to say, then he wouldn't be in that position! But since Bobby ws grinning, I think he let Cliff know that! *Smirk2*
Well done, both you, Pepper, and Bobby!
One tiny niggle (I think!):
'Bobby looked down as his feet and scuffed one toe in the gravel.' (at?)
Kee ponw ritin gon, Pepper! It was a pleasure to read, and may you have many more wonderful 'birthdays' on WdC!

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