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 Neilson Poll!  [13+]
My two cents...
by bob county
Review of Neilson Poll!  
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I’m reviewing this as a "The WDC Angel Army Angel and to thank you for all the reviews you’ve done and do on this site!
Hello there, Bob, and happy belated 13th 'birthday' on here!
This is interesting, and I like your ideas! Especially that last one.
In this day of streaming and everything we-could-never-possibly-imagine beginning to pop up on TV networks, these aren't really that far-fetched. Heck, you could make a reality show about practically anything these days and it would be guaranteed to attract at least a few followers!
Methinks you should come up with a few more of these and send them off to one of those networks! Lord knows they couldn't be any worse than some of the stuff they've got now! *Laugh*
Well done, Bob!
Kee ponw ritin gon, thanks for sharing this, and may you have many more wonderful 'birthdays' on WdC!

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