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 A friend who doesn't text/reply anymore.  [E]
A letter to the friend who does not text/reply anymore.
by SomaSilver
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Hi Soma,
This is a fantastic piece. The title is direct and to the point. The reader knows exactly what they will be getting out of the piece. I was curious about why you lost touch with this friend, and I began to read immediately to find out. You launch into the piece without introduction or preamble. This takes all the reader's attention and focuses it completely on the topic and the piece. They will read to the last word. This is a letter to someone you care for who has moved away from your relationship. The reader is delighted with the look they get at you as a person as well as a writer. The length is perfect. You completely develop your topic without belaboring the issue and making the piece tedious. You use an emotional style that is very appealing to the reader. Great job.

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