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The Lone Survivor  [13+]
The Olympics, one hundred years from now...
by W.D.Wilcox
Review of The Lone Survivor  
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Hello there willwilcox
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#1188309 by iKïyå§ama
Review! *Angelic*

I am also reviewing your item because it popped-up on the Random Read & Review. I mean it really did pop-up, as I unintentionally hit the button. *Laugh* No matter, I figured what the heck, I always enjoy a good Olympics show.

Characters with odd characters:

Troy Kealy -- The great one. The one representing America in these future Olympics.
Warren Bost -- the previous first choice to represent, but stuck as the back-up
And assorted military officials and robots. Persons or things not to be messed with. *RollEyes*

Location, location, location:

New South Africa -- Cape Town

Superior Strength:
Troy was the lone survivor of a Mars fiasco.

Sprouting body Parts:
Yup, he was a sprouting them up down, left and right and with a 360 view. Well qualified if not over qualified as his very own humanity was at stake. *AlienGr*


"The man’s grip could have a cracked a walnut." Doubled up on the "a."


*Bug* As with all of your stories, whether human, alien or machinery, you pull your reader into the show, front and center. There's sufficient mystery surrounding the character and also, a cringy aspect of dark to horror that infuses the senses.

Good job, Bill! *BareTree3*

Until next time--write on!


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