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 Tender Touch  [E]
Bonding between Mother and Child
Review of Tender Touch  
Review by Chris Breva
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I really enjoyed reviewing your article. I look forward to seeing more work from you in the future. I try to do as many reviews as I can each week. I am a professional writer and I know the value of a good review. So I try to give them as often as possible. I am also reviewing this article in association with Anniversary Reviews forum. Happy account anniversary!!

My overall impression of your work: It's amazing that the first review I do on the day that I find out I'm to be a grandfather is about motherhood! Motherhood is such a beautiful thing. I was both mother and father to my son after his birh and for many years so I have experienced all the things you speak of. One never wearies! Love keeps you going!

Your spelling and grammar were good as far as I could tell. I read quickly so I could easily overlook something. However everything looked good to me.

What I liked most about your article /poem was: I liked that it was so appropriate for me.

What I liked least about your article/poem was: maybe the format.

Free Writer's Advice: I include the following in all of my reviews. It is some advice I learned about poetry based on personal experience. Hopefully you can use it: I have recently made some discoveries that I like to share with my fellow poets. I also write for https:allpoetry.com and recently have won numerous awards there. The reason I have been winning is because I have changed my writing style. I write primarily poetry and have always been very descriptive in my work. I have discovered however, that the key is not in describing but rather in painting a picture and allowing the reader to interpret it through their own filters. I do that by omitting adjectives and adverbs, as well as prepositions. In other words I use no words that describe but rely instead on nouns, pronouns, and verbs to convey my message. Instead of saying “Roses are red” I say “looking at the roses”. This allows the reader to interpret it and paint their own picture. I have found it to be very effective. I have won a total of ten out of thirty contests I entered there in the past two weeks. I have not always placed high. Many of my wins have been honorable mentions, but they are still trophies.

Closing remarks: Happy account anniversary from Anniversary Reviews Forum!

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