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Christmas is Cancelled!  [13+]
A Bah Humbug Entry
by Mastiff
Review by ♥tHiNg♥
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This is a lovely image for me from Lizco252!

What brought Hoovsie meandering in a space time continuum over to your port?

*Cow* I am doing the I Write in 2020 activity. As always, it is my pleasure to read and review your work.

What does hoovsie think about while perusing your item?

*Cool**Idea*I thought about how Amazon steps in to do a lot when there is trouble. So sorry to read about Rudolph and hope he makes a full recovery.

Santa is resourceful and knows who to call. I guess with all his years of experience there would logically be a back-up plan of action. So, Christmas is cancelled, but will amazon create the illusion of Christmas? Will they call it Bezos-mas?

What does hooves moo and applaud about while reading your item?

I liked the humorous banter between Mr. and Mrs. Claus. It is good to maintain a positive attitude and look to thinking outside the box in order to find a solution.

That sounds like the kind of thing they would say to each other at amazon, doesn't it? I enjoyed reading your story and was glad it was fictional for Rudolph's sake.

Well done!


HOOVES, a.k.a. COWser Soze, a.k.a. tHiNG a.k.a. 4ps

P.S. It has been a good start for a new year to visit with you!

Being relaxed and having fun in 2020. Hope you are, too! *Cow**Balloons**Type*

Ta Ta until we meet again in another place and time....

"Avoiding Toothless Rabid Jackals

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