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Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt  [GC]
You seriously need to check out the reviews on this shirt... :)
by HikerAngel
Review by ElF
Rated: GC | (5.0)
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After reading Christopher Bell's classic, A Tale of Two Wolves, I thought I had reached the apex of literary mastery. How wrong I was!

While HikerAngel's Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt doesn't necessarily delve into the paradoxical personalities of its Lupine protagonists like it's precursor, it stands on its own two legs--I mean four legs-- all by itself. In this short tale, HA does a fantastic job in explaining the mystical properties of the shirt which include the ability to summon sexual threesomes at the mere thought of it as well as magically securing an Uber instantly, in spite of late-night peak hours. And......


It has an extra fucking wolf!!!

With the cliffhanger and rather tragic ending, I'm hoping the author gives strong consideration for a sequel or, even better, a prequel. I, for one, would love to see more exposition behind the motivations of the lead character. What took her so long to purchase it? Why did she purchase it on Amazon and not Target.com? Why didn't she order more than one?!? Is a followup a possibility? Holy crap! Please make this happen! #TakeMyGPs

After contacting WC.com technical support and talking to their Head of IT, I was frustrated when told I could not give this story 10 stars, and I would have to settle for the "standard maximum" of 5 stars. Sadly, a rating of five does not do this justice.

And a brief note on the GPs. I would gladly have sent you all my GPs, but I am saving up to purchase Amazon's Gallon of Tuscan Milk in the near future.
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