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 Fleeting Memory  [E]
A guy asks his friend about something that once happened.
by percy goodfellow
Review of Fleeting Memory  
Review by Chris Breva
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Rated: E | (4.5)
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I really enjoyed reviewing your article. Please take anything I say here as my personal observations. Use what you can and lose the rest.

My overall impression of your work: This poem is about a conversation between two people apparently involved with each other. It is one of those famous dear John letters as the speaker tries to gain the attention of the other.

Your spelling and grammar: Your spelling looked good to me.

What I liked most about your article /poem was: I liked the rhyme scheme.

What I liked least about your article/poem was: I would have liked to have seen it broken up into stanzas instead of a paragraph.

Closing remarks: Happy account anniversary from Anniversary Reviews Forum!

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