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 Pieces He Ate  [E]
Flash Fiction
by Odessa Molinari
Review of Pieces He Ate  
Review by Cubby
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Rated: E | (4.5)
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*Quill* *Quill* *Quill* *Quill* *Quill* *Quill*

Greetings, Odessa Molinari! I am reviewing this because I am part of "I Write in 2020. *Smile*

*Quill* First of all, my reviews are intended to be helpful and encouraging, not hurtful in any way. Use what you feel works for you, and leave the rest.

What I Liked

         *Bullet* The first thing that stood out, was your dialogue! Very impressive, indeed! I truly enjoyed the sea salt's words along with his toothless grin. *Delight*

         *Bullet* Such a fun piece in less than 300 words! I loved it.

         *Bullet* I was so curious about why he ended up with a metal leg after having a wooden leg, that I was totally surprised and amused with the ending. *Laugh*


         *Bullet* Paragraph 5: Needs a space before the next paragraph.

         *Bullet* The title confused me: Pieces He Ate Does this have to do with the woodpecker pecking at the wooden peg?

Final Thoughts

         Excellent piece! I loved it! Best of luck in the contest!

Have a great day and...*Quill*
  K e e p on W r i t i n g !
Cubby ")
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