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Hiya Cat! Linda here. I come in peace *Smile*

First Impression:

This is soooo good! I’m starting to fall in love with these few books (chapters? Short stories?). In this one I think I especially liked how you gave us a preview of their emotions and feelings. Also, do people really put that much pressure on being pregnant and having a kid/family, or did you just think of that for your character? It’s not hard to imagine the formers with how our societies are all going but it is interesting.

As someone who would probably never want that I am having a difficult time actually imagining ever wanting kids. Oh well, you never know. ANYWAY, I ramble a lot. Back to the point. The development of their personalities I’ve seen as this collection of works continued is really good.

None! It all looks great *BigSmile*

Overall Impression:
I enjoyed this tremendously. I can’t wait to see how far you take this! It’s brilliant and I will definitely be here to review and read them. If you were to make this into a series, can I recommend saying something about how she would handle the actual relationship and how he would as well? I think they’d do well together, and could possibly help them get rid of their insecurities. Or at least subdue them. Keep writing!!
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