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 Romance, Beneath The Brooklyn Bridge   [E]
Inspired by two lovers taking a stroll On Boardwalk below the Brooklyn Bridge
by Marlon Dacosta
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Rated: E | (4.0)
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Hi Marlon! Mia here. I’m responding from you sending in a review request. I come in peace *BigSmile*

First Impression:

I loved how you wove the love between the two so eloquently. It really spoke volumes and I could easily visualize what was happening, which was a definite plus for me.

I would say just punctuation. There are a few places where you need a semicolon instead of a comma, so it breaks up the poem and makes it smoother. An example of that would be the second stanza:

Walking along the boardwalk,
Your warmth caressed my being,

After being, you need a period.

Overall Impression:
I really liked this. Usually I wouldn’t review romance, but this was good. I hope this review was helpful and as always, keep writing. I can’t wait to read more *Smile*
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