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 Never ever again  [E]
Door to door work in a pandemic can you say a very bad idea.
by Happy to write
Review of Never ever again  
Review by kranand
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Hi "Happy to write"
This poem is about the compulsion to honor a contract to serve door to door job under the adversities of humiliating customers,risk of contracting the disease
the frustration it leads one to.
The repeated set of words are meant to stress the feelings of frustration.
I liked the way you have described step by step the adversities the job poses.It indicates the writers personal experience put in words!
You pray Lord Jesus to spare you from firing from job and to save you from contracting disease by making situation a short one.
The last line makes me understand you wish never again to pray Lord for such favours.
I feel the last line be deleted as it misleads the reader if you too agree.
It is a well crafted poem in simple words and we'll connected thought flow keeping the reader to enjoy it till the end.Well done , keep writing and derive happiness of good writing!…....kranand

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