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The Forever Gift  [E]
Orders came before their first Christmas together. (Form: Balassi Stanza)
by 🌜 Howling @ HuntersMoon
Review of The Forever Gift  
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I've come to expect nothing but the best from you. You're so talented with everything you do!

This poem is really touching and since it involves the military, I especially love it. *Wink* I definitely appreciate you including the info at the bottom about the prompt and rhyme structure and such. That always helps me think more about the choices you've made.

Suggestion: The one critique I have is your genre choice. I'm not taking off stars because it's not officially a part of the poem. But you only listed Romance/Love as your genre. Obviously, Military would fit. *Wink* You could also consider Emotional or Drama or Relationship. I realize this was written back in 2011, so maybe you didn't realize the importance of selecting genres back then. *Wink* But as you know, they are important for not just helping people find your item when searching for something to read, but if this was written this year and it got nominated for a Quill, you'd be missing out on the opportunity to get nominated in 2 other genre categories, thus slimming your chances of winning. *Wink*

Anyway, that aside, great work! Thank you for sharing! Keep it up!

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