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To be young again  [E]
Just thinking, (edited 912 words)
by Dale Ricky
Review of To be young again  
Review by jaya
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Hello Dale
your contemplation on the elderly lady’s observation makes sense.
“To be young again” sounds like wishful thinking. Everyone knows past never returns.
Youth is no bed of roses. I recall the mistakes I made and the words said were not something I am proud of. I am sure I have given my parents sleepless nights. I don’t wish to be erroneously young again.
It was the counsel of my elderly relatives that drove sense into me. To be old has its blessings.

The conversations with uncles and aunts , the charm and beauty of their world fascinate me. Their experience and wisdom are truly guiding.
Nature has done us great good by letting us pass from one youth to middle age and then to the relaxing old age.

Great article on the necessity to be natural and enjoy the valuable moments of life.

Language and style appeal to me.

Write on!
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