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LOL title!
by Knox
Review by eyestar~*
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*Delight* Welcome to WDC Knox !*Balloonp*

*Binoculars* I was scanning Word Searches for a little bit of fun and came to yours! The title is so appealing so I had to check it out. The words were different and it was fun to locate them. I liked words like "quirkless" "telekinesis" and "navel laser"! *Cool*

*Frog* Frog was the first word I found and Explosion was the last one. The words went in both directions with tricky overlays yet I was not frustrated by trying to uncover the words. Well done.

*Quill* Your intro was inviting like a challenge! Did you know you could use emoticons or even colour to make the page more appealing? Check out Writing.Com Tools on the sidebar and click emoticons or ML help to find out some cool features! *Wand*

*Star*Thanks for sharing this entertainment. I had a great time playing with your words.

Write on!

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