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Promptly Poetry Challenge 2022-23  [18+]
Rd 3 of producing poetry prompted by Lilli. ☕️ Jacobs Cronat Gold is brewing! ☕️
by Supportive_Mikey
         Review for entry/chapter: "Untitled haiku [Week 2 entry]
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Hi there Supportive_Mikey, I'm Holly-dazed LeJenD and I've chosen to do this week's review for PPC3 on your poem.

*Heartg* Theme/Subject Matter: The poem was about the tides brought about during summer storms.

*Heartt* Form: Haiku - You followed the haiku form perfectly. Lines were not rhymed, syllables per line were exact, and you used a present tense view to write about the natural phenomenon of tides during summer storms.

*HeartV* Originality/Creativity: Your final line, "my swimsuit unused" shows a unique viewpoint about the tides resulting from summer storms.

*HeartO* Emotion/Impact: Your words inspired me to imagine a beach as raging tides hit the shoreline, invoking the intense feeling of the storms and tides as well as the wistfulness of the person who is kept from swimming.

*HeartB* My Favorite Part: The final line. It gave me the feeling of a person watching the tides while dreaming of being able to swim in those same seas where the tide angrily meets the shore.

*HeartP* My Suggestions: I have absolutely no suggestions to make. This was a great example of haiku.

*HeartG* In Summation: I quite enjoyed your haiku about the tides of a summer storm. The picture you painted with your words was precise and easy to see.

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