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Noticing Newbies: August 01, 2007 Issue [#1862]

Noticing Newbies

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  Edited by: Puditat
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*Reading* Welcome to the Noticing Newbies Newsletter! *Reading*

The goal of this newsletter is to showcase some of our newest Writing.Com Authors and their items. From poetry and stories to creative polls and interactives, you'll find in here a wide variety of items to enjoy. It will also feature "how to" advice and items that will help to jump start the creation process on Writing.com.

We hope all members of the site will take the time to read, rate, review and welcome our new authors. By introducing ourselves, reviewing items and reaching out, we will not only make them feel at home within our community, we just might make new friends!

*Heart* Your editor this week is: Puditat *Heart*

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If this is your first time reading the Noticing Newbies Newsletter, welcome! You are about to enter a world of fun and information. For those of you who are reading this newsletter for the 2nd, 20th or 100th time, you will know most of what I'm about to present. *Wink*

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To support today's topic, I have developed a quiz. I am offering 20 gift points for each correct answer for all respondents (whether new or established members). That's a potential haul of 220 gift points per person to be sent within a day or two of you completing the quiz. Many answers are found right here in this newsletter, but some you may have to search a bit harder for. Good luck!

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by A Guest Visitor

Thanks for reading.

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Noticing Newbies  (ASR)
A warm welcome to our newbies; come meet new and not-so-new members of Writing.Com!
#126963 by The StoryMistress

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by A Guest Visitor

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by A Guest Visitor

 Traveling Across the Dinner Table  [13+]
punch-line fiction, where writing becomes a joke.
by Colleen Brogan

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by A Guest Visitor

 The Bogeyman  [13+]
'Check carefully beneath the bed........'
by ~Sue~

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by A Guest Visitor

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by A Guest Visitor

 Draft 1 - A Highway Man  [13+]
Original draft of 'A Highway Man'. Have posted a more recent version for your review.
by Purple Dragonfly

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Thanks I learnt a lot, I have always felt that whatever you do anything,the more you put in the more you get out, one way or the other. I have been here alittle over a month and it is GREAT !!
Stan Stanley

         It's awesome to hear such positive feedback! Thank you.

Hi, I don't have a problem getting reviews and most that I do get usually rate 4.0 and above. However, I have never been featured, received any type of merit badge, awardicon or any other type of recognition beyond my reviews. Does one have to pay for a membership in order to receive more significant recognition? Also, there is a story contest I would love to enter but it is only open to paid memberships.

         It's nice to hear you're getting reviews. The other rewards are available to anyone, no matter the membership level. It is a combination of time, relationships you make here, and work. Keep entering contests and polish your writing skills. The awards are given out by members of Writing.com for many reasons, and that is where friendships and participation truly help. Rewards are just that - a surprise for excellence, achievement, or any of those positive attributes. Just keep getting out there and enjoy the experience. Anything on top of that is the oh-so delectable icing. *Wink* Writing.com is a very large community and so there is a lot of competition for newsletter features and contests. Don't be discouraged.

I was very impressed with the way you handled the comments above. I am new, but have enjoyed the site. I see that others weren't so lucky, but your advice was both kind and sound. Well done.

         *Blush* Thank you for your very kind show of support.

Thanks for your wonderful newsletter on networking! However, I've not always benefited from networking as I've run into many journalists and writers who quit their their jobs because they couldn't get what they wanted out of writing.

And this often tends be a turn-off for me and my interest in writing. Please help!

Thanks once again for sharing your newsletter! :)

         Hmm, that is a shame. In the world of business things can move very quickly, especially when it comes to how long a person stays at a particular job. There will be many personal circumstances influencing why they've moved on. Networking is not a "done it once, never do it again" thing. It is a continual effort in an ever-changing environment, just as it is in any other sphere outside of writing. Try not to take on board other's lives and reasonings. Decide what writing is to you and then pursue your dreams. Others may give up too quickly, not be passionate enough, come across dire personal troubles, or a dozen other reasons. Don't let other people's negatives turn you away from what you want. The only way to not succeed is to quit. I wish you all the best.

Hello Puditat,
Thanks for the newsletter on Networking. I've been at the site since May and do want to develop writing/workshop relationships with others at the site. I'm in at least one group and have marked as favorites many others (there is just not enough time in the day!). What's the protocol for giving reviews? I've seen some people mention they won't "raid ports." Is it considered bad form to just randomly review someone's work? There are many review forums as well, so is it okay to noodle around in those?
Thanks again for the newsletter.

         100% true. There's never enough time in the day to do all the writing things I want to. As far as reviews go, the only rules are to be polite, helpful, and constructive. The majority of people who post writing here are looking for feedback. Feel free to review at random or what's been posted in a review forum. Good reviewers are always sought after. Happy reading.


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