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Noticing Newbies: March 28, 2012 Issue [#4964]

Noticing Newbies

 This week: What's That Genre Mean? Part 1
  Edited by: Sara‚ô•Jean
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What's That Genre Mean? Part 1
Every item asks you to pick a genre, but there are so many! How can you tell one from the other?

So many people have trouble understanding which genre to use for their items. Is it action? Is it drama? Is it both? To solve this issue, I'd like to describe the genres for you. This will likely take several instalments, but it's worth it, no?

Action/Adventure - This one is relatively self-explanatory. If it has action and adventure, it can be included here. Action doesn't necessarily have to mean car chases and gun fights, either. Action can fit all sorts of different genres.

Activity - This one is something that is limited to WdC in many parts. If a person can participate in it, then it is an activity. There are many items that would fall under this automatically - Interactive Stories, Message Boards, Campfire Creatives, Madlibs, Surveys, Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, etc. They would all classify as activities because they are... yes... activities!

Adult - If the item is meant for an adult audience, then this is the genre for it. It might include some sexual type scenes, or perhaps other adult situations with crimes, gangs, etc. Something that children, specifically, should avoid.

Animal - Having a single animal as a side character in a story wouldn't really mean it should be put in the Animal genre. Is your main character an animal? Does the story revolve around an animal? Are all of the characters animals? That's when it should be put here.

Arts - Your story or article should go here if you talk about the arts - architecture, painting, sculpture, or any of the other new and interesting forms that art is taking, anymore. It could also be an actual form of art submitted to the website via the image file type.

Biographical - If it is about someone's life - a real someone's life, it goes here. As WdC does not have an autobiography section, anything about your life would also go here.

Business - If it has to do with how to run a business, investments, businessmen, a story about a corporate tycoon, etc. That sort of thing might fit in this genre.

Examples of the above genres:

Murder Mystery Squeek  (ASR)
The writer is busy writing his story when . . .
#1854968 by Shaara

A Poem A Day Contest   (E)
This is a daily contest for anybody who writes poetry.
#1789785 by Itchy Water~fictionandverse

(Unfortunately, the majority of the adult genre lies within the XGC and GC content ratings, which I really won't put here. However, if you want an example of what they are like, feel free to look for items by genre on the left sidebar, and choose Adult.)

 My African Gray  (E)
this is a kind of comical attempt at poetry about my pet parrot who talks.
#1846291 by ~Lisa Noe~kittylove~

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1857138 by Not Available.

 A Good Day That Went Bad For Me  (E)
This is how my life changed in 2003 with a Cardiac Emergency of my own.
#1857288 by thaiwriter

 Title Loans and Customer Service  (E)
Customers are number 1 in Auto equity Loans book so we pride ourselves on customer service
#1854736 by Not Allowed

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Responses to "Noticing Newbies Newsletter (February 29, 2012)

I agree that every writer should keep track of his/her ideas and pieces of inspiration on a regular basis, which would then provide a great alternative when the Internet stops working! This link is to a semi-blog thing I started, which basically details my rambling thoughts from day to day. It has definitely helped me a lot. - Allegro con brio

I think that's a great way to do it! Everyone ought to find their own way, really. There are so many different methods available.

Yep. I am Late again getting to the news letter. It was a good one. I find that note keeping requires as much discipline as writing. I have piles of sticky notes and notebooks. I can't find half of them. Now I do cards. I keep everything in a partitioned folder along with the printed manuscript. This could almost work. - jim1184

Haha. If it doesn't work, find something else!

I keep notebooks and stickies EVERYWHERE in my house!! I even write all of my drafts down in a notebook before I do the FINAL copy. That way, whether it's the internet, or (more common for me) the plug on my laptop not working, I don't have to panic.

I have a coworker in another department who, because of his fondness for post-its, had his entire office PAPERED with them when he went on vacation. They sent the pictures out to the rest of the company, and I laughed till I was in tears.

I am also writing with a question... an ongoing debate I've had for years. People have always told me that it's not good to work on more than one story at a time, but I find myself burning out and giving up way too easily if I force myself to follow this "rule". What are your thoughts? What's the real harm in working two stories at one time, especially for someone as ADD as me?
- Missus Miranda

Are you my long lost sibling!?!?! Hehe, I love sticky notes, I have so many shapes, sizes, and colors. Smile

I admit to working several different stories, and projects, all at one time. I can never seem to focus on one thing. >.<
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