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Romance/Love: December 18, 2012 Issue [#5420]


 This week: Firsts
  Edited by: Crys-Busy Bee
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Hello! My name is Crys-Busy Bee and I am the editor for the Romance/Love Newsletter this week! Enjoy!

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Life is full of "firsts." Not surprisingly, many of these firsts are related to our love lives. First kiss, first date, first love, first time having sex. . .

In my experience with romance writing, the "firsts" always seem so perfect. The couple leans in to kiss each other, and fireworks go off. They somehow know how their lips fit together and everything goes smoothly. In real life, of course, we all know that things never go that well the first time around. When you're just getting to know someone, anything can turn awkward or messy. Take, for example, your first kiss. Or, for that matter, your "first" kiss with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Chances are, it didn't live up to Hollywood standards. I have never once seen fireworks in my life that weren't in celebration of a national holiday or a winning baseball team. *Laugh*

That's where romance novels and other romantic writings come in. The Romance genre, just like our fantasies, is where we can experience the "perfect" love life. Of course, there are still struggles in romance novels. That's often what causes the couple to get together in the first place. But those troubles soon go away, and life goes on in a world where every kiss is "the" kiss that makes the main character weak in the knees.

Regular readers of my newsletter know that I am not a big fan of traditional romance novels. Part of the reason why I'm not is because I like to see characters struggle and overcome obstacles on their own, without the need of a romantic partner. I also appreciate seeing characters who are like me- they struggle, have imperfections, and ultimately end up happy or unhappy depending on the choices they make. And their love lives aren't perfect, because really, whose is?

So, while I think there's certainly a place for those "perfect" love moments in books, I also think there's a place for the realistic ones. Because sometimes I want to fantasize and sometimes I like to feel understood.

 When I think of you  [E]
Thoughts of a man whom I particularly fancy
by Kathleen

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by A Guest Visitor

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by A Guest Visitor

 Spring Rain  [E]
Memories of a long lost past
by PJB

 My Love is So True  [E]
A love poem dedicated to my girlfriend - a prose poem.
by Tim Chiu

Now And Forever  [E]
I'll send you my love now and forever.
by Kings

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by A Guest Visitor

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by A Guest Visitor

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Thank you to everyone who wrote in about my last Romance/Love Newsletter! I love hearing when something really hit home for you!

IMO, from a sister who used to read tons and tons of romance novels, as I being eight years younger than her, as had dabbled into some of her books, (yet I prefer my Science Fiction, Biography, based on truth books), no one has really written a good Romance tale; something that is too more realistic in revealing lots of FYI's that the general public should be informed about if and when in a sincere relationship is a significant other...I am still waiting (although I have my own screenplays written in lieu of Romance, but unwilling to share with with the public) for someone to write or at least develop a good quality story line as for "Romance". -CreativebyNature

Hi Crys,

Thanks for highlighting my poem in the romance newsletter. I found the topic interesting. I love a good romance but I never really thought about the genres. Harlequin romances are not really my favorites but I do love a romance that has depth and an interesting plot that fills in the story.

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